In this fast changing world, where climate change is taking a new dimension
We offer solution to energy problems, check out our services and projects

Patina Group Inc specializes in executing power, oil & gas services

 for Sub-Saharan African energy companies and provides legal and business
development services for North American and European exploration and
production companies seeking to do business in Africa. read more

Our Services

Project Management

We coordinate activities of proposed projects through our diverse team members to achieve goals

Power Generation

We generate the energy that creates the
liveliness in homes, workplaces,
communities and society

Exploration & Production

We are players in different stages of the value
change, right from the discovery to
the level of production

Mining & Trading

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Oil & Gas

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Facility Management

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Nigeria Power Market

Electricity demand in Nigeria far outstrips supply. Nigeria trails far behind countries such as Egypt with around 27,000MW of installed generation capacity and South Africa with an installed generation capacity in excess of 40,000MW. Nigeria’s electricity consumption on a per capital basis is among the lowest in the world. More than half of the population have no access to grid supply electricity replying on self-generation.

Current supply gap in Nigeria shows that there is a projected demand of about 20,000 MW vs. supply of 4,000 MW. This constituted a short fall of about 16,000 MW of electricity power supply nationwide. The implication is that there is still a huge demand for electric power across the country, presenting an opportunity for more investment into the sector. The Nigerian electrical power sector is in a highly charged state. read more

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